Powerful Time Savers for 2011 - Transparency

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Powerful Time Savers for 2011 - Transparency

Post by Shauna Charles on Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:10 am

Powerful Time Savers for 2011


Now you can assign transparency to objects and layers much like any other property! You can set the transparency to a value between 0 and 90. 0 indicates no transparency while 90 indicates high transparency.

You’ll find the new Transparency property in all the Layer Dialogs and you can even assign Transparency per viewport.

You can also set transparency per object (which will override the layer transparency setting). Transparency can be easily found in the Properties or on the Home tab.

TIP: The new system variable CETRANSPARENCY can be used to set the transparency property for new objects.

NOTE: SETBYLATER, Quick Select, Filter and MATCHPROP now include Transparency as an option.

You can temporarily turn off transparency, much like lineweights, from the status bar (this does not affect plotting). A new Plot option has been added to turn off Transparency.

TIP: Transparency works great with solid hatches!

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