Powerful Time Savers for 2011 - Splines

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Powerful Time Savers for 2011 - Splines

Post by Shauna Charles on Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:13 am

Powerful Time Savers for 2011


AutoCAD 2011 lets you define a spline using fit point or control vertices (CV). When drawing a fit spline, you can specify start and end tangencies, tolerance (how close the spline is to the fit point) and knot parameterization (which controls the shape of the curve as it passes through the fit point).
You can control the Degree of a CV spline (the number of bends from 1 to 3 that the spline can take overall).
Use the intuitive grip menu to further control splines.

TIP: Use a CV spline if you plan on creating 3D NURBS surfaces for best results.

SPLINEDIT has been updated to include more Edit Vertex options like add kinks or elevate order.

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