Changing the units of a drawing

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Changing the units of a drawing

Post by Traci Hoskins on Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:45 pm

Season's Greetings to all! santa

To users relatively new to AutoCAD, have you ever asked yourself about the importance of the units of your drawing?

I was in a class where the lecturer spoke about a problem NASA had a few years ago. They had hired a Non-American engineer who produced designs in metric units, and when his design was included in the American engineers' drawings it created problems because as we know Americans measure in SI units, and no one noticed until after the project was complete. This resulted in loss of millions of dollars...and probably a few engineers being fired.

So. If we receive a drawing that isn't in units that we want, how do we correct this?

Scale command: SC [enter]
Set select objects to ALL
Specify your basepoint as 0,0
Specify scale factor: well, this will depend on what unit we're converting to, correct? So if it's inches to mm we use a scale factor of 25.4, from m to mm 1000, and so on.
Easy fix, right? geek

Happy drawing! cheers
Traci Hoskins

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