What is Revit?

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What is Revit?

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:59 pm

Revit is a B.I.M software.B.I.M means Building Information Modeling,in short is a modeling software allowing the user to create a 3d model of his/her design.Giving a realistic approach to their design,since some of us do not understand drafting(or may not have done drafting).Drawing in 3d is easier and visualizing your design is much more accurate,Revit also allows the user to pick up on errors faster and export information easier e.g schedules ,since you are drawing in one 3d model and not in multiple 2d drawings .Another great feature is it editing,by simply editing the 3d model, all views update automatically,eg if i edit a window size in my model all my elevations will update also thus reducing the need to go back and edit each view independently.There are lot more feature for this program feel free to check the school website for more .http://www.atctt.com/revit.html

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