User Interface for 2011 - Navigation

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User Interface for 2011 - Navigation

Post by Shauna Charles on Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:44 pm

User Interface for 2011

The new context sensitive User Interface is more efficient than ever as it often switches automatically based on the objects selected.

Part Five (5)

A new Navigation bar replaces the navigation tools that were previously available on the Status bar. This new bar resides on the right side of the screen by default and includes Autodesk SteeringWheels, ViewCube, ShowMotion, Pan, Zoom and Orbit.

The Navigation bar also includes support for 3D Connextion devices when the 3D Connextion system driver is present.

The ViewCube now supports the 2D Wireframe visual style (you might find the clockwise and counter-clockwise controls useful for rotating the viewpoint in the 2D plane).

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