Parametrics: Geometric Constraints for 2011 - Adding Constraints

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Parametrics: Geometric Constraints for 2011 - Adding Constraints

Post by Shauna Charles on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:47 pm

Parametrics: Geometric Constraints for 2011

Adding Constraints

Simply select a geometric constraint tool, such as parallel, and select the two objects you want to maintain a parallel relation. The object selected first is the key here as the second object will adjust to be parallel to the first. Such is the case with all the geometric constraints.

Note: Geometric Constraints have now been improved for ellipses and text!

AutoCAD 2011 added in new constraint icons for Fix, Horizontal, Vertical and Symmetry constraints that are constrained to an object (rather than a point).

A new constraint icon for Symmetric about a line has also been added.

New to AutoCAD 2011 is the ability to easily repeat the last geometric constraint option just by hitting enter to repeat the last command. Each constraint now has its own individual command when selected from the Geometric Panel.

Geometric icons appear in constraint bars on the objects to indicate the attached constraints. These constraint bars can be dragged to any position on the screen, hidden by selecting Hide All from the ribbon or turned back on with Show All. The Show option lets you to select the objects you want to display constraint bars. Manage a variety of constraint bar options in the Constraint Settings manager including the new option that allows you to see constraint bars when objects are selected, even if they are currently hidden.

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